About Us

The World Food System Center at ETH Zurich organizes educational courses for advanced university students from around the world and supports PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers at ETH Zurich through competitive research grants. Our courses include summer schools, short courses, and study tours, which are developed independently and sometimes in partnership with other academic institutions or international research projects. You can find out more about us on the Center’s website.

The bloggers writing here have participated in one or more of our programs, and are using this creative space to communicate about their observations, experiences, and food system interests in an informal way. 


This blog is made possible through the WFSC, with the kind support of the Mercator Foundation Switzerland for all articles related to organic production systems.

Some of our contributors have participated in self-initiated projects concerning organic production systems and their potential to contribute to global food and nutrition security. Their projects have been supported by the Mercator Foundation Switzerland through its partnership with the World Food System Center. 


The opinions expressed on this blog are those of the authors, and they do not reflect in any way those of the World Food System Center, ETH Zurich, Mercator Foundation Switzerland, or any other institutions to which they are affiliated.